Beatrice Rosen was born in New York in 1984, but raised in Paris where she started studying acting at the age of 10. Driven by an indefatigable work ethic and buoyed by soft    features and luminous eyes, she quickly climbed the ranks of French TV and Cinema.

But France was only one stage. As her success grew, so did her desire to prove herself in Hollywood.  Soon after a role opposite Mandy Moore in 2004’s “Chasing Liberty”, Rosen landed “Commando Nanny”, a Mark Burnett series for the WB.

Despite having lived in France her entire life, the role called for her to play a spoiled American brat from Beverly Hills. Through unflagging practice Rosen transformed herself from une fille Francaise to thoroughly American

She was so convincing that she soon landed recurring roles as Americans on “Charmed” and “Cuts” as well as playing the quintessentially American role of prom queen on “Smallville.” In 2006’s feature-length “Peaceful Warrior,” Rosen played a flirtatious college co-ed.

Her growing resume and her acuity for languages allowed her to take the next step towards the truly international movie career she always envisioned.

In the billion-plus grossing “Dark Knight” she was the vision of Moscovite beauty as a prima ballerina on arm of Batman himself.

In the UK, where she has found recent success, Rosen has played a feisty, corset-popping, French beauty in the wildly popular period piece “Sharpe’s Peril.” In the London-based gangster thriller “The Big I Am” she mastered the role of a manipulative Romanian ice queen.

And in this fall’s $250-million, Roland Emerich mega-film “2012”, Rosen again used her remarkable gift for languages to play a Russian character alongside John Cusack and Amanda Peet.

Rosen continues to seek roles that transcend both genre and borders while she has become the new worldwide face of the prestigious French luxury leather goods brand LANCEL.

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